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6 Makeup Hacks Every Woman Needs To Know

You’re going to love these 6 brilliant makeup tips that will make your life easier!


It's always helpful to find new and better uses for products you already have in your makeup bag.

Not only does it help when you're in a pinch, but you can also save money by finding multiple uses for one product.

Check out these 6 makeup hacks: 

1. Add concealer to your moisturizer: Take your favorite moisturizer and add a little bit of concealer to create your own BB cream or tinted moisturizer. It will help even out your skin tone and hide imperfections, giving you a natural look. Add as little or as much concealer as you like to customize your coverage.

2. Make eyeshadow pop by using a base of white eyeliner: Apply white eyeliner to entire eyelid to create a base before applying your eyeshadow. It will make your colored eyeshadow pop and look more vibrant. It will also help make your eyeshadow last longer.

3. Heat up your eyelash curler first: Before you curl your lashes, heat up your eyelash curler with a blow dryer or hold it under hot water for about 5 seconds. Test it on your wrist first to make sure it's not too hot.  A heated curler will give your lashes a longer lasting and more noticeable curl. Apply mascara after curling to avoid clumping.

4. Tint light lashes with liquid liner for a no-makeup look: If you want a more natural look but have light eyelashes, you can give them a boost with a liquid liner pen. Hold the pen vertically and move it back and forth across lashes to tint them from the roots to ends for a natural, no-makeup look that still pops.

5. Use hairspray on eyebrows to keep them in place: If you have unruly brows, spray some hairspray or dab some non-sticky styling gel onto a toothbrush and brush it through your brows to keep them in place. You can use this same trick to help tame flyaways. Just brush flyways back to blend in with the rest of your hair.

6. Use a Vitamin C Serum as a primer: A Vitamin C Serum does double duty, nourishing your skin with antioxidants while also smoothing and moisturizing, making it a perfect makeup primer. Over time, it improves skin texture and tone so effectively and gives you a radiant glow, so you can eventually skip the foundation.